Integrated Circuit Security Design Solution

Silicon IP espionage is a growing trend in the semiconductor industry. Guarding against these attacks has become a major impetus for many silicon vendors. While the industry continues to expend more resources to improve its security measures, the emerging threats are increasingly more sophisticated. Damaging results can range from the loss of many years’ worth of intellectual property development to the loss of revenue and even to the loss of a company’s reputation.

While combinations of complex cryptographic algorithms and circuit-level obfuscation techniques have shown to be useful in slowing down IP theft and chip circuit tampering, the cost of development and schedule can be prohibitive for many integrated circuit companies.

As a result, new cost-effective strategies must be developed to guard against these embedded attacks and to defeat deleterious reverse engineering practices. Inherent in Innovaclockcontrol's low-power clock architecture is its ability to resist against harmful threats from Simple Power Analysis (SPA) attacks, Differential Power Analysis attacks (DPA) and Electromagnetic Emanation Analysis (EMA) attacks.

Innovaclockcontrol is a hardware-level intellectual property protection technology. It addresses IP security at the RTL level and its architecture is compatible with any CMOS custom or standard cell library. At its core, Innovaclockcontrol works to reduce cyclostationary noise, thereby minimizing the circuit’s electrical signature. In addition, Innovaclockcontrol implements an added layer of circuit obfuscation to protect against eavesdropping.


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